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A Magical Excursion to the Harry Potter Studios!

On Wednesday 17th January The Chalfonts visited none other than the exciting and magical world Warner Brothers’ Harry Potter Studios!

Who went?

Students in MYP 1 and 2 – plus three lucky MYP 3s who won a Harry Potter Quiz and also had the least amount of reds for the school year so far!

Why did we go?

Students in MYP 1 and 2 have been studying units in English, Art and Individuals and Societies on fictional worlds, mapping techniques, mask design and using stimulus for creative writing.

What did we think?

Everyone was entranced by the witchcraft and wizardry of the studio’s sets, props, costumes and film techniques that were used to bring the world of Harry Potter to life on our screens.

“I didn’t expect it to be that big…and I thought there’d be loads of green screens and I didn’t know that there was so much work that went into it.” – Marilena, MYP 2.

And even students who’ve visited before found there was more to enjoy!

“I’ve already been before, but I was really impressed with the improvements added, like the forbidden forest which was mysterious and it hid secrets in deep dark places.” – Harry S, MYP 2

What else did we get to do?

Students had the privilege of a lesson with the Studio specialists, investigating costume designs and how designers have to link the costumes with the characters and the story.

“I really enjoyed the lesson, because when I’m older I want to be a costume designer and doing the distressing of the fabric was really enjoyable.” – Marilena, MYP 2

Being on an excursion is always nerve wracking, will it be strict? Will you have fun? Well, apparently students found it was an exciting day:

“What I quite liked was you didn’t feel like you were in primary school and it was well done how we had some freedom to explore the exhibits” – Marilena, MYP 2

Did it inspire us?

Harry in MYP 2 said he’d love to work in films… “Probably a member of the cast, like an actor because there’s lots of action and I can imagine doing the stunts would be fun.”

While there were many comments from a number of students discussing a Harry Potter movie marathon in the near future… though I definitely recommend reading the books first.

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