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Who We Are


Welcome to The Chalfonts, an Independent Grammar School situated by the Rye on London Road in High Wycombe.

Students who have started school in recent years are facing significantly less predictable futures. The pace of growth in all things – the increase of information; the globalisation of communication and business; and the pace of technical development has meant that we are training students for careers that, for the most part, do not currently exist.

It is essential for schools to address this situation and prepare students by developing their ability to think critically, to be self-motivated, flexible, creative and able to build positive relationships.  This is achieved through extending education to encompass the whole person.

So, how do students obtain such an education that fits them for their further study and this unknown future?

At The Chalfonts, we believe it is through the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, delivered in small, supportive co-educational classes using a progressive classroom set-up.

The IB route is a challenging, rigorous and progressive alternative to the standard GCSE and A Level route. Indeed, IB students are twice as likely to enrol in one of the UK’s top 20 universities and 30% more likely to gain first class honours degrees.

We guide our pupils to be bold, imaginative and reflective young people, well-rounded characters with resilient, independent minds, well placed to thrive in every walk of life.

We help our students realise their potential through focusing on developing excellence in academic areas, sports, the arts as well as social and emotional learning.

Please do visit and see The Chalfonts in action.

The International Baccalaureate

The IB builds on the content and richness of the traditional British curriculum, adding depth and breadth to subject areas. It rewards inquisitiveness and self-organisation, shaping and enhancing the skills needed for tomorrow’s leaders.

As an official IB World School, The Chalfonts follows the cutting edge  approach to learning of the IB Middle Years Programme (ages 11-16) and Diploma Programme (ages 16-18, from September 2019).


The Chalfonts is committed to being co-educational.

Life is co-ed.

University is co-ed.

And so we feel strongly that school should be no different.

Maximum class size 14

Our classrooms are designed to accommodate no more than 14 students per class around our Harkness tables.  This ensures active engagement and participation from all learners and enables teachers to build a meaningful, encouraging relationship with every student.

The Harkness Method

The Harkness Method is a teaching and learning method involving students seated at a large, board room style table to discuss ideas in an encouraging, open-minded environment, placing a strong emphasis on confident communication; a concept that runs deep in the International Baccalaureate.

Five Surfaces

The Chalfonts classrooms have technology that makes learning as visible as possible. Each classroom has 5 elements that allow for instruction, feedback, collaboration, research and presentation. We call it ‘5 Surfaces’.

  1. At the heart of the The Chalfonts classroom is the central console. It sits in the middle of the circle of students and teacher. It is where the main instructions and media are shown. It allows the teacher to observe and monitor levels of engagement and learning more, as students direct their attention to the console.
  2. Each student brings their own laptop (or can be provided with one) for in class research, note taking and general organisation. Each lesson is supported with materials posted to the school’s shared online space.
  3. The console and laptops are supported by a Smart TV for an alternative place to show digital content or for the students to share their own screen with the whole class.
  4. Mini-whiteboards are a key tool for each lesson. Teachers ask questions to the whole class and students will write answers on their mini-whiteboard and show the teacher and class. Teachers record answers and adapt the second half of their lessons accordingly.
  5. Finally, with the central console controlling the instructions of the lesson, the wall-to-wall magnetic whiteboard is freed up for the students to use. An important part of checking how the students develop is for the students to mindmap the content of the lesson and show the class where their inquiries are taking them.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision:
is to inspire global leadership through transformational education

Our Mission:
is to cultivate enquiry, knowledge, aptitude and resilience to enrich a worldwide community.

We do this through our core values of:

  • Cohesion
  • Inclusivity
  • Pioneering spirit
  • Compassion
  • Innovation
  • Positive education
  • Collaboration
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Critical thinking
  • International mindedness

And Beyond

Competition for university places has never been higher.

Imperial College London says that International Baccalaureate students adapt more easily to a university style of learning and become independent learners from an earlier stage.

  • IB Diploma students are twice as likely to enrol in one of the UK’s top 20 universities.
  • Are twice as likely to succeed in applications for medicine and dentistry.
  • Are 30% more likely to gain first class honours degrees.