Welcome to The Chalfonts, an Independent Grammar School situated by the Rye Park in High Wycombe.

Our aim is simple – we want to equip our students with the right skills to thrive amidst the challenges and changes they will face in their futures. We think the best way to achieve this is through the IB curriculum delivered in small, supportive, co-educational classes using a combination of a Harkness methodology and by promoting good habits and a genuine work ethic in the students. Visitors quickly understand and appreciate the learning environment we have created at The Chalfonts.

The IB route is academically challenging, rigorous, and progressive, with a greater emphasis on acquisition of transferable real-world skills. The IB Programmes have gained universal recognition as the preferred alternative to A Levels and GCSEs, with more than 7,900 programmes implemented across over 5,000 schools in 150 countries, including the UK. Both at 16 and 18, students’ IB examinations lead to Ofqual recognised qualifications as well as additional core elements that make the courses so popular with universities.

Embracing a modern pedagogical approach whilst retaining the best of tried and tested traditions, our IB Programmes give our students an engaging, future-proofed education. We foster the development of young individuals who embody boldness, imagination, and reflection, shaping them into well-rounded characters who are well placed to thrive in every walk of life.

So why wait? Apply today.

David Shandley, Principal