The Chalfonts believes in preparing young people for international citizenship. We are a non faith-based community but support religious and cultural expression, upholding the British values of rule of law, democracy, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those with other faiths and beliefs. Assemblies are held regularly to recognise students’ good work giving them the opportunity to present their contributions to the student body. Very often assemblies are student-led and consider different traditions, current affairs, health and social issues facing students, elements of spirituality and students’ own achievements.

We recognise examples of good citizenship and good sportsmanship. Whilst wellness is embedded into the ethos and curriculum. Our Agora holistic learning lessons are an opportunity to explore what it means to live a flourishing life, one that prepares adults and students alike for the stresses and strains of living in our ever-changing community.

In addition to students being provided with continuous opportunities to reflect on their learning through their courses, we provide Prep.

Prep is an opportunity to review work, plan for projects and revise. Students are given clear curriculum maps which show the overall scheme of work allowing them to read about future topics. The balance between independent study and traditional homework is carefully considered, with teachers spending time with students helping them develop crucial study skills.