The Middle Years Programme curriculum is a well-balanced, academically-focussed, holistic programme that encourages children from the age of 11 to gain knowledge, to develop critical thinking skills and creativity, and to become independent learners.

At the end of MYP 5, students take their E-examinations and present their E-Portfolios, which are externally assessed and moderated to provide them with their MYP Results, OfQual equivalent to GCSEs. These equip our students with all the necessary qualities to prepare them for later progression to ‘A’ Levels or the Diploma Programme (DP).

MYP Subject Groups

  • Language Acquisition (French and Spanish)
  • Language and Literature
  • Individuals and Societies
  • Science
  • Arts: Music, Visual Arts and Drama
  • Physical and Health Education
  • Design

10 reasons why the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) encourages students to become a creative, critical and reflective learner:

Become a life-long learner – Learn ‘how to learn’ using communication, research, self-management, collaboration and critical thinking skills.
Learn by doing and experiencing – Through MYP Action As Service Projects students learn to service the community and connect what is learnt in the classroom to “real life”.
The MYP encourages critical thinking – It teaches students to analyse and evaluate issues, generate novel ideas and consider new perspectives.
Explore global challenges – The MYP helps students increase their understanding of the world by exploring globally significant ideas and issues.
Learn for understanding – Not just to memorise facts or topics and prepare for exams.
Train oneself to:
 - Organise and plan one’s work
 - Meet deadlines
 - Concentrate
 - Bounce back
 - Think positively
Subjects are not taught in isolation – Students are encouraged to make connections between subjects.
It empowers learners to develop their talents – Feel empowered to prove what they know and earn the MYP certificate or MYP course results.
It prepares students for future education – Prepare students for the IB Diploma Programme or A Levels.
It encourages international-mindedness – The MYP helps students critically appreciate their own culture and personal history.